Is an Ad Agency Worth the Money?

What are you really paying for when you hire an ad agency?


Is It Possible To Grow Without Online Advertising?

Can You Run Your Own Ad Campaigns?

Do You Need Specific Staff For Advertising Campaigns?


This Boutique Ownership Thing Can Be Tough...

As a small boutique owner, it’s nearly impossible to succeed without some kind of marketing and advertising campaign. Marketing and advertising are the tools that will increase awareness for your business, bring in new customers and revenue. Even if you operate a beneficial, service-oriented business, you can’t make money if no one knows you exist.

Setup Fees

What should an ad agency charge for setiup?  What is fair?

What Are You Paying For?

Is it fair to pay for clicks or impressions?  What metric should you be watching for?

Pixel Access

Who has control of your pixel and where are the audiences kept?


What is an acceptable return on ad spend.  Is advertising worth it?

25% Of Ad Spend

How does an agency charge and what should you watch out for?

Updating Expectations

How often should my ads be optimized and when should I get concerned?

Ready To Grow Your Boutique With AFFORDABLE Online Advertising?

We are here to show you what to watch out for and teach you the questions to ask before you hire an ad agency.