Struggling To Get A Constant Flow Of Customers?

Finding and Negotiating The Best Wholesale Brands, Attracting Shoppers To Your Site and Store, and Using The Latest Tools To Do It All Without Overwhelm is What We Do Best.


Meet Your Teachers:

Working with thousands of retailers daily, join Ashley, Sara and the team at The Boutique Hub to figure out how to succeed, in a year where many have found struggle. We all know summer can be one of the most challenging times in retail if you're not prepared, so during Summer School, we'll deep dive into the strategies to help you succeed and get your time back, right away.

Join Us!

Ashley Alderson

CEO and Founder Of The Boutique Hub

Ashley is the Founder at the Hub, and has a slight obsession with boots, jewelry, coffee and 80's Country Music. She may or may nerd out when talking about Facebook Ads and boutique owner business strategy.

Sara Burks

Director Of Education At The Boutique Hub

Sara Burks has been in the boutique industry for over 20 years and has a Master's in Business Administration. As The Boutique Hub's Director of Education & Partnerships she will share her practical knowledge of the boutique business with Hub members.


DAY 01

Beat The Slow Season & Get Ahead Now!

J Months are notorious for slow downs in retail, but they don’t have to be.  Deep dive into what are the most profitable, business building activities during the summer months to grow your business.

DAY 02

A.I. and New Tech Tools That Can Save You Time

AI is providing a whole new world of advantages to businesses allowing them to work smarter, not harder.  We’ll identify how to maximize the tools available now, look at what’s coming next, and avoid the risk factors along the way. 

DAY 03

Why Some Boutiques Are Struggling and Others Are Scaling

2023 has been a challenging year in retail, so what is actually working?  Use the strategies thousands of retailers are seeing the best results with, right now.


Prepping For The Two Biggest Shopping Seasons Of '23 - For Members ONLY

Are you fully prepared for the two biggest retail seasons of the year, Back to School and Holiday?  Use these strategies to get ready now for your biggest opportunity yet!

Beat the summer slow down by joining arms with the community you trust for three days of detailed strategy. 2023 has been a year unlike most we've seen.  As retailers and ecommerce stores, we are challenged to break through social media, get leaner and smarter with out buying, and leverage tools like AI to get more done, faster.