Learn How To Build Your Brand On TikTok

We are committed to helping boutique owners get through the challenging times and stay connected with customers.

That's why we are kicking off our workshop series.  A monthly training series to help you grow your business in a time of uncertainty.



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TikTok Is Exploding

With More Than 850m Users Worldwide And Growing Faster Than Instagram Ever Did, Tiktok Is Poised To Become The World’s Leading Social Network

Influencers Are Media Brands

Using Platforms Like TikTok, Influencers Are Building Empires Off Their Brands With Global Reaches And Wide Engagement

Video Content Is The New Norm

Video Generates 1200% More Shares Than Text- And Image-Based Content Combined. 81% Of Businesses In 2020 Use Video

Build Your Brand On The World’s Fastest Growing Social Network

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In our 3 part live series, you’ll learn... 

Basic Platform Utilization

  • Account profile: Basic vs. Pro account:
  • Scrolling TikTok:
  • How To Get Viewers:
  • Creating GREAT Content:

Videography Features:

  • Videography Techniques:
  • Increasing our chance of going viral:
  • How to retain a core audience:
  • Content Ideas:

Organic Growth Strategy:

  • Hashtagging:
  • Confident Cinematography:
  • Reformating for IG Reels:
  • Great Apps for editing outside of app:
Meet Your Instructor:

Tamie Old

Tamie Old is a small business owner and boutique coach.  She helps others find strategy to amplify their brand’s authentic voice while giving them productivity tools to make showing up consistently an attainable goal.

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Now It Is Your Turn

Build another traffic & revenue stream for your business, with skills and videos that can be used BOTH on TikTok, but also Instagram, Facebook, shared via email or on your site.  

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Here Is What You Will Learn By Taking This Course

Basic Account vs. Pro Account

  • Linking To Instagram & Website
  • How To Access Analytics 
  • Increasing Your Following
  • Using Video Function Buttons
  • How To Use Top Right Functions
  • Uploading Pre-Recorded Video
  • Using Multi-frame Video
  • Tips and Tricks on Filters and Effects
  • How To Use Sounds and Voice Overs
  • And much much more...


Audience Targeting

  • Becoming “TikTok Famous”
  • Virality and Content Needed
  • Lead Generation on Tiktok
  • The Faucet Theory
  • Commitment, quality & consistency.
  • Duet and Stitch Content
  • Defining your Niche
  • Your Core Audience
  • The "Facetime" like relationship
  • Valuable, Educational, and Entertaining Content ideas


Organic Growth Strategy

  • Hashtagging Tiktok vs. Instagram
  • Hashtagging Strategy
  • Confident Cinematography
  • How To Fail and Keep Posting
  • Text Layout Strategy
  • How To Be 100% Authentic
  • How To Reformat IG Reals
  • How to save TikToks without the flashing watermarks.
  • Apps for editing outside of app
  • Getting Ready To Add A Stream Of Income To Your Bottom Line




3 sessions


  • Get started on TikTok
  • Learn the latest strategies
  • Enhance your video skills
  • Create shareable content 
  • Ask questions, LIVE 
  • Lifetime replay access 
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